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Welcome to the Centre for a Social Europe

Building a social Europe

The Centre for a Social Europe has launched a new pamphlet entitled Building a social Europe: The trade union case for EU reform. The pamphlet sets out visions of a new direction for the European Union in what Jack Straw called a ‘period of reflection’ following the French and Dutch ‘no’ votes on the EU Constitution.

The pamphlet contains contributions from Dave Prentis, General Secretary of UNISON, Billy Hayes, General Secretary of the CWU, Bob Crow, General Secretary of the RMT, and Stefan Carlen, the Chief Economist of Swedish trade union Handels. It also contains a foreword by the CSE’s Director, Matthew McGregor, and an introduction by Ian Davidson MP, Chair of the CSE.

About the Centre for a Social Europe

The Centre for a Social Europe was set up in early 2004 to promote the progressive case for EU reform. We are independent of any political party but are anchored on the centre-left, and particularly work with trade unions.

We support Britain’s membership of the European Union but believe that change is needed. We do not believe that progressive politics in Britain or in Europe are best served by ‘ever closer union’. Broadly we believe that in the modern world decisions are best taken locally, that the nation-state remains the most appropriate forum for democratic control over important decisions, and that EU integration is not the best solution for the problems working people face.

We believe that the current “period of reflection” called for by the Prime Minister following the no votes in France and the Netherlands gives progressives the chance to debate the future of Europe. We seek to facilitate that debate on the centre-left.