Latest Bulletin:
December 2005


David Drew MP - 15 June 2005
Speech by David Drew in Parliamentary debate on the June EU summit

Peter Gustavsson - 8 June 2005
Speech by Peter Gustavsson, CSE research fellow, at PCS conference fringe meeting.

Matthew McGregor - 29 May 2005
Speech by CSE Director Matthew McGregor on public services at a GUE organised conference in Dublin

Ian Davidson MP - 27 May 2005
Speech by Ian Davidson, Labour MP and Chair of the Centre for a Social Europe, to French Socialist 'no' rally

Ian Davidson MP - 4 April 2005
Speech by Ian Davidson at a TUC conference on the EU Constitution

Kelvin Hopkins MP - 15 December 2004
Speech by Kelvin Hopkins, Labour MP for Luton North in the Commons debate on European Affairs



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