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December 2005

Centre for a Social Europe - briefings

The EU Constitution and Civil Rights
March 2005

This briefing explains the dangers for civil rights contained in the new Justice and Home Affairs section of the European Constitution.

Referendums around the EU
February 2005

This briefing outlines the situation in each of the countries that are due to hold referendums on the EU Consitution. It sets out which groups make up the two sides, the most important issues in the national debate and the state of public opinion.

Lobbyists and the EU
February 2005

This briefing outlines the role of lobbyists within the EU. Of the EU's institutions, only the European parliament has a registration scheme for lobbyists and that is voluntary. With only voluntary regulation, the lobbyists enjoy unprecendented access to power in the EU with little little public scrutiny.

The European Union Bill
January 2005

The Government has published the European Union Bill, which grants the referendum on the European Constitution. The Bill reveals that, while the question is fair, there is still a danger that the 'yes' side could benefit from combining the referendum with other polls and from lax spending rules.

The Spanish referendum
January 2005

Campaigners have sounded the alarm bell about the conduct of the Spanish referendum on the European Constitution. With the biggest parties, the media and most trade unions pro-Constitution, along with a public 'information' campaign that is widely seen as biased, the only open question is how large turnout will be.

The new EU Commission
November 2004

The new European Commission is one of the most right-wing Commissions since the UK joined the EU. This briefing outlines the political background of the 25 new Commissioners.

The draft Directive on Services
November 2004

Our new briefing paper outlines the dangers to public services and working conditions contained in the Commission's proposed directive.

Why the left should reject the Constitution
September 2004

The Centre for a Social Europe's new pamphlet makes the case for rejecting the EU Constitution as the first step towards progressive reform of the EU.

IGC briefing paper
June 2004

Read the CSE's initial briefing on the Inter-Governmental Conference where the proposed EU Constitution was agreed by the heads of state.



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