Latest Bulletin:
December 2005

The Centre for a Social Europe in the news

CSE encourages left to 'go on the offensive' Morning Star, 22 June 2005

Campaign aims to kick out treaty Guardian, 18 May 2005

No' crusade starts before French have their chance to say 'Non' Times, 12 may 2005

Eurosceptics set to take Blair on Observer, 07 May 2005

No to an EU superstate Morning Star, 20 April 2005

Rebel MPs all set for a fight on Europe Sunday Express, 07 May 2005

Unions deal blow to Blair's hopes over EU treaty Times, 4 April 2004

Unions discuss EU stance Guardian, 04 march 2005

The fight for a democratic EU Morning Star, 28 February 2005

Arnaud Montebourg's European 'no campaign' Le Monde, 16 February 2005

Row erupts on wording of EU poll question The Business, 06 February 2005

Schröder is right , Europe does need to change Guardian, 24 January 2005

Disagreements at the top on Europe Guardian, 21 January 2005

Neo-liberal drift with constitution Chartist, 16 January 2005

Referendums on EU constitution Times, 11 January 2005

When yes means non Guardian, 06 December 2004

A people's Europe Morning Star, 30 November 2004

Debate on European treaty splits Labour Times, 24 November 2004

European Social Forum opposes EU constitution IPS, 19 October 2004

We were calling for a referendum before it was fashionable Sunday Herald, September 12 2004

Blair is a turn-off for EU campaign Times, September 6, 2004

Labour Eurosceptics plan their assault Times, 22 June 2004x

Blair faces two year fight to win over sceptic Guardian, 21 June 2004

The Brussels deal: Europe: hard sell begins Observer, 20 June 2004

Labour voters' blow to Blair on Europe Observer, 20 June 2004

Labour think-tank will offer Eurosceptic stance Yorkshire Post, June 19 2004

M-EU-TINY Sun – 16 June 2004

Face it - Europe isn't working Guardian, 16 June 2004


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