Latest Bulletin:
December 2005

Centre for a Social Europe - what we believe

The Centre for a Social Europe (CSE) is a think tank which aims to develop and promote a progressive critique of the current direction of the European Union. In recent years, neo-liberals have been increasingly successful at using the EU to adopt economic policies which have had a devastating effect on working people. The EU has developed an obsessive focus on price stability, rather than on economic growth. It has overextended the single market into sensitive areas better dealt with publicly rather than by the market. A commitment to balance budgets at all costs at the expense of public spending, has led to unemployment, damaged public services and creeping-privatisation.

We support Britain's membership of the European Union but believe that change is needed. We do not believe that progressive politics in Britain or in Europe are best served by 'ever closer union'. We believe that in the modern world decisions are best taken locally: that democratically elected national parliaments and devolved institutions within states remain the most appropriate forum for democratic control over important policy decisions.

Voters shouldn't have to choose between those politicians who want more power to be transferred to Brussels and those politicians who want to wreck the whole project. Voters want to see a new Europe where countries are able to protect and enhance their social and economic interests while co-operating with other countries where the benefits of co-operation are clear.

The CSE is a forum for debating the EU on the centre-left's in Britain and across the EU. We aim to work closely with socialists, social democrats, Greens and trade unions across Europe. We aim to foster debate amongst people with a variety of views on how the EU should develop, and will bring forward interesting and stimulating research from people of many political views within the centre-left.


...making the progressive case for EU reform