Latest Bulletin:
December 2005

Centre for a Social Europe - advisory board

Ian Davidson MP – Chair
Labour MP for South West Glasgow
Ian has been an MP since 1992. He is a member of the Common’s Public Accounts Committee and is active in the Trade Union Group of Labour MPs. He has written extensively on the EU for labour movement publications, and is the Chair of Labour Against The Euro.

Caroline Lucas MEP
Green member of the European Parliament
Caroline, elected in 1999 for the south-east region of England, was one of the UK’s first Green MEPs. She has written extensively on trade and globalisation and is an active environmental and peace campaigner. In the last European Parliament, Caroline was a member of the Committee for Trade, Industry, Energy and Research; and the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy.

Kelvin Hopkins MP
Labour MP for Luton North
Kelvin has been the Labour MP for Luton North since 1997. Before entering Parliament he was a senior research officer for the National Association of Local Government Officers, and then for Unison. He is the Vice-Chair of the Unison Group of Labour MPs, and the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Sweden Group.

Harry van Bommel
Dutch Socialist MP
Harry van Bommel is a member of the Dutch Parliament and is a leading member of the Socialist Party, the Netherlands' fourth largest party. He has been an MP since 1998 and is the Party's spokesman on foreign and European affairs.

Gwyneth Dunwoody MP
Labour MP for Crewe and Nantwich
Gwyneth is chair of the Commons Transport Select Committee. She has been opposition spokesman for foreign affairs and is a former member of the European Parliament.

Dr. Ian Gibson MP
Labour MP for Norwich North
Ian is the Chair of the Science and Technology Select Committee. He has written extensively on science, health, and education issues, and before entering Parliament he was the Dean of Biology at the University of East Anglia. He sat on the National Executive of the MSF union (now part of Amicus) for a number of years and also chairs the Westminster branch of the Norwich City Supporters Club.

Roger Godsiff MP
Labour MP for Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath
Roger is the Labour MP for Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath. Before entering Parliament he was a senior official in APEX – the Association of Professional, Executive Clerical and Computer Staff, and a London Labour Councillor.

Vince Mills
Director, Trade Union Research Unit, Glasgow Caledonian University
Vince has published on work-based and lifelong learning and its impact on the trade union movement. He has also written extensively on the Labour Party and Trade Union movement. Recently he has undertaken a number of consultancies and evaluations of learning projects undertaken by the trade unions in Scotland, most recently for the EIS, Unison, the T&G and PCS.

Jane Carolan
UNISON National Executive Council
Jane Carolan is the chair of the UNISON policy committee and is a member of UNISON's executive committee. She has played a leading role in the union's anti-racism work, and represent health workers on the NEC. Jane is a member of the Advisory Board in a personal capacity.

Morten Homann
Danish Socialist MP
Morten Homann has been a Socialist People’s Party MP in the the Folketinget, the Danish parliament, since 2001. He is the SF spokesman on taxation, transport, housing and science. He previously worked for the Aarhus city council. He also served as the Party’s youth chair from 1998-2000.

Professor Philip Arestis
Director of Research, Cambridge Centre for Economic and Public Policy
Philip is Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge and is well known for his studies on the effect of Economic and Monetary Union on the EU. He has written extensively on all aspects of European policy, on the financial crisis in south-east Asia, and US economic policy. He has also been a visiting professor at Candido Mendes University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Professor Malcolm Sawyer
Professor of Economics, Leeds University Business School
Malcolm is Professor of Economics at Leeds University Business School, where he specializes in macroeconomics and post-Keynesian economics. He is currently involved in projects examining the neo-liberalism of EU economic and social policy, and the link between monetary and fiscal policy in securing high levels of employment.

Dr. Molly Scott Cato
Green Party economics speaker
Molly studied at Oxford before gaining her PhD in economics at the University of Wales. She has written extensively on green economic policy, as well writing on energy and European policy for environmental publications.


All members of the Advisory Board serve in a personal capacity. The views expressed by the Centre for a Social Europe are not necessarily the views of the Advisory Board.


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